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Building African harvesting data based system in agriculture through digitalization and harvest management technology. Smart ikigega helps farmers to manage their harvest and get pre-harvest market connection in easiest ways

New Pre-harvest


Our Partner is more import to us and are succeded in thier bussiness

Harvest management services

with this feature farmers are able to save their harvest data digitally and get access to different services based on their harvest data like getting direct loans,cashless payment and also track their harvest quantity.

Pre-harvest Market connection services

With these services farmers are able to get customers before harvesting their crops in order to avoid post harvest loss or decreasing of their crops value .

  • Dusabane Jali
  • Smart Cooperative
  • Copamu Rubirizi
  • Cotebinya
  • Indashyikirwa
  • Inkwakuzi
  • Kaimu
  • Huza Imbaraga
  • Cooperative Test
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